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A natural disaster creates destruction and causes severe injuries that are sometimes fatal, making it more important for communities to come together. If you want to help a community after such an event and don’t know where to start, this guide can point you in the right direction.


Make a Cash Donation

While there are many ways to help, cash donations are always helpful. When you send a gift of cash to the United Way, American Red Cross, or to local food banks, those organizations can use the money to buy food, water, and first aid items in bulk. In donating cash, it’s wise to research the organization first. There are less reputable organizations that won’t use your cash as you intend it so learn what you can before making a donation.


Organize a Fundraiser

You can also help by creating a fundraiser to collect donations that will go to help those in need. A fundraising event can be a dinner, music festival, or any type of event that’s designed to raise money for the cause. You can also ask that attendees bring donations of nonperishable food, water, clothes, and other necessities instead of money. If you contact a charity within the community, you can find out which items are greatly needed.


Donate Blood or Blood Plasma

It’s a sad fact that many people are seriously injured during a disaster and rely on immediate medical treatment for their survival. Unfortunately, this means the supply of blood and plasma that hospitals and clinics keep on hand will be used up quickly. Many healthcare facilities are in dire need of blood donations when their community becomes a designated disaster zone. You can help by donating blood or plasma frequently and by encouraging healthy family members to do the same.


Ship Supplies to Disaster Zones

You can also get together with your neighbors to collect food and water, first aid supplies, blankets and clothes, and gas generators. Shipping these items to a disaster zone will help people recover or sustain themselves immediately after a disaster. Since they likely won’t have access to clean water, electricity, or other essentials for a long period, shipping these types of goods will be a tremendous help.


You can find more ideas by contacting a local charity and asking how you can help. In many cases, your time and participation may be even more important than a donation of cash. Additionally, getting more involved will help you make new friendships with others who care about the communities in which they live.