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When it’s time to fill a vacant position within your company, it’s a good idea to promote from within. This allows you to benefit from the years of training an employee has already received. They will know your procedures and policies so a learning curve can be avoided. However, additional training is sometimes worthwhile especially when considering the following reasons to hire a new employee to fill a vacancy.


Bring in More Diversity

If you want to add greater diversity to your organization, promoting from within won’t do anything to help you achieve that goal. You can modify your hiring process to encourage women and minorities to apply for the open position, which will help you towards creating a more diverse workforce.


Find a More Suitable Candidate

Hiring a new employee to fill a vacancy is also the best way to get an employee who has the specific skills needed to perform that position. This is especially beneficial for tech-related positions because technology is rapidly advancing in the current climate. While existing employees may have experience working with the technology currently in use in your organization, they won’t be familiar with new processes or equipment that you wish to install.


Compensate For a Large Turnaround Rate

If you are experiencing a high degree of turnaround in your organization, you should take the time to look into the reasons for that situation. You may need to do something to boost employee morale and job satisfaction. In the meantime, you should also be hiring new employees to fill vacancies. Your existing staff should remain where they are because they likely have the skills to perform their jobs with a higher degree of competency. Alternatively, new hires should be used to fill the vacant positions quickly. Since a vacancy posting will list the qualifications needed for those specific positions, you can hire candidates that can be plugged into those positions with little training.

You can streamline the hiring of a new candidate when you already have a good onboarding process set up. This allows you to indoctrinate your new hires in a shorter amount of time, which will combat the drain on productivity you would otherwise face. When it is necessary to hire from outside the company, having an established strategy will help new hires feel more welcome as well.