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At the heart of any engagement and retention issues is often a manager’s inability to truly understand employees. This lack of trust often leads to disengaged behaviors in their employees which ultimately leads to higher employee turnover rates.

To solve this issue, managers should try to create better relationships with their employees. After establishing rapport, managers can communicate better with their members and solve business problems that arise more effectively through increased trust between them.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve engagement and to get employees excited about doing a good job at work.

Here are a few ideas to increase employee morale.


The Cost of Declining Productivity

It is not uncommon for an employee to feel disconnected from their company. Open communication and a sense of ownership in the company can help the employees feel engaged and passionate about their work. This leads to a lack of productivity, as well as high turnover rates.

Companies that have identified this problem are taking steps towards improving employee engagement by implementing new policies, such as:

* Company-wide happiness surveys

* Encouraging participation in office social activities

* Friendly competitions among colleagues and prizes

* Team meetings to respond to any work issues

These steps and others like them help improve employee morale and raise work productivity.


Provide Meaningful Work Opportunities

There are many ways to increase employee engagement and morale in the workplace. What they all have in common is that they provide meaningful work opportunities.


Here are some ways to make work more interesting:

  1. Provide cross-training: Training people in a different skill is a way to make them feel like they are accomplishing more. It can also be helpful for management, as it increases their employees’ skillset.


  1. Begin offering incentives for excellent work: Bonuses, raises, and other incentives can be used as motivation tactics that improve employee happiness and productivity.


  1. Improve social relationships in the office: Giving employees things such as team lunches or business trips to help them bond with their co-workers can make a significant impact on their job satisfaction.



Employee engagement is key to a company’s success. By engaging employees, companies can increase employee morale and ultimately productivity. Progressive companies have been focusing on changing the current state of employee engagement at their company, but many struggle to find ways for this change.