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Troy Baily


About Troy

Troy Baily is a distinguished business professional based in Elkhorn, Nebraska, specializing in preventative planning techniques and financial services. As the owner of an independent financial firm, CBL Wealth Advisors and cofounder of Premium Plus Advisors, he uses his 20 plus years of experience to assist clients in planning wisely for their retirement and preserving their legacies. Knowing just how much damage can be caused by improper planning or unforeseen events, Troy works tirelessly to ensure his clients are prepared for all of life’s ups and downs. Ultimately, he strives to make certain his clients feel secure in knowing they will not run out of money in retirement and ensures that they can successfully transfer their life’s work to the next generation. His clients receive assistance in maximizing their guaranteed income, as well as their pension and social security benefits. Keeping risk factors like inflation and health care costs in mind, Troy works to create personalized plans that will best suit his clients in the long haul.

Also passionate about entrepreneurship, Troy Baily has used his experience and personal values to create a well-respected firm with a proven track record in helping individuals in meeting their financial objectives. Troy is a firm believer that business owners find success in helping others, not in their own personal accomplishments. He also believes trust is essential in forming a good relationship between a businessperson and the client. His solidified beliefs have been a staple in his career, and he has become a better entrepreneur because of it. 

Not only does Troy rely on his beliefs and experience to make him a better businessman, but he also dedicates himself to education. Even though he has over 20 years in the field, Troy continues to challenge himself by continuing his studies and taking courses in his always evolving field. Additionally, Troy pushes himself to develop more opportunities for his clients through strategic new relationships. He is forward-thinking and skilled at networking, two traits that serve him well in his entrepreneurial role. 

One of Troy Baily’s greatest joys is being able to get up every day and help people who may otherwise not ever know how to prepare themselves for retirement. He prides himself in following the mission he knows God has laid out for him, which is to use his talents to influence others’ lives.. 

Not only does he influence others with his financial wisdom, but he also contributes to charitable organizations, as he feels giving is more important than ever. He and his wife Marti, who also works at CBL Wealth Advisors with him, both delight in being involved with local organizations and giving back to their church.

To learn more about his entrepreneurial views and habits, be sure to follow along with Troy Baily’s blog and read his frequent posts.

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